Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Spring JMX

Just had my first experience of using the Spring JMX exporter. I can only say "WICKED!".

A few simple lines of XML in the application context and a Java system property, and all of a sudden you can use something like jconsole to view and update your Spring beans.

Charlotte Gray

Just finished reading Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks, pretty good stuff. Of course I've seen and read various things related to WW2 such as Schindlers List, but the plot line about the two young boys who ended up in the gas chambers really affected me, maybe because now I have my own children.

Why is the human race capable of these sorts of attrocities? How do we forgive? It makes day to day worries seem so insignificant when there is similar stuff going on in African countries such as Congo and Ruanda and maybe Iraq.