Sunday, 2 December 2007

John Pudney

Over the last couple of years I've been collecting (via Ebay) a series of childrens books that I read when I was a kid. They are called the "Fred and I adventures" by John Pudney. All very old fashioned now, but still have a sense of escapism, even for an old git like me. The books are called
"Monday Adventure" thru "Sunday Adventure" and "Spring Adventure" thru "Winter Adventure". I have now got 9 out of the 11 and last week "Autumn Adventure came up on eBay, so I setup a snipe for £25 using auctionstealer thinking that was rather extravagent! The bidding quickly settled at £13.50 early the week, so I thought I'd be in with a chance.

Unfortunately, my snipe didn't even get a look in, and the last minute scrum saw the book go for £72!



Charly said...

Hello Adrian,
I am from Holland and I'am also collecting the Fred and I adventures but in the dutch versions.
I have only three found (adventure in Norway,adventure with the Quassium gang,adventure with the atomic spies I think these are the titles translate in english)
My guestion is: can you or anyone else give me the names of all 11 titles?
I hope to hear from you,
greetings Charly Filet

Adrian Smith said...


The titles are in my original Post!

Monday Adventure
Tuesday Adventure
Wednesday Adventure
Thursday Adventure
Friday Adventure
Saturday Adventure
Sunday Adventure
Spring Adventure
Summer Adventure
Autumn Adventure
Winter Adventure


Charly said...

Hello Adrian,
Thank you for the titles.
The 3 books in Dutch I own have different titles than the original English. I also don't know how many titles are translated in Dutch.
With kind regards,
Charly Filet

johna said...

I've started collecting these too!

I've just ordered three more that will bring the owned tally to 5.

Do you know which book is the one where there is a department store and the tubes that the capsules woosh round in?

Adrian Smith said...

I can't remember. I did eventually get the whole set, paying about £50 for one of the rarer ones. My favourite is the one with the flying hedge cutters!

Once I got them all, the excitement was over and I then sold them again.

johna said...

haha, I've go the hedge cutters (it's Winter). I think I'll keep them for the next generation(s), who'll probably laugh at the idea of reading a book on paper.

Tom said...

Did one of them have some sort of rocket taking off from a department store and the adventure ended up in the american west near a mesa?

Friday adventure possibly?

Len said...

Friday adventure definitely had the rocket - I can still recall the book cover.

For those of you who are completists, I am sure I came across at least one Fred & I short story, but I can't recall the title of the story or the anthology.

Philip Baker said...

I remember an excellent John Pudney book called 'The Death of Metal', but I have not been able to find it. Anyone come across this?

John Edge said...

Two things about the Fred and I books. The book Thursday Adventure was filmed as "The Stolen Airliner" in 1955.

And you will be pleased to hear that I have added Quassium B to the definitive wikipedia entry for Fictional Elements, materials etc,,_materials,_isotopes_and_atomic_particles#Fictional_elements_and_materials