Monday, 10 November 2008

Ubuntu and me - the story so far

I've been using Ubuntu in quite a big way for the last 2-4 months and I thought I'd just write down a few points, good and bad.

  1. Speed - massive improvement over Windows for day to day use, especially wireless networking and boot up times. The only bad part is using Firefox to upload photos to flickr which seems to cripple firefox. I have now overcome this by using F-spot photo manager instead.
  2. Viruses - not come across any yet!
  3. VirtualBox - can be used when you really must have Windows
  4. Really cool for a lot of development, especially having the command line so handy.
  1. Suspend and Hibernate seem impossible to get working on either of my HP laptops and believe me, I've tried.
  2. Can't seem to get the microphone working either.
  3. I do miss Outlook
  4. No Livemeeting which can be a pain in a mostly Microsoft company. But Yuuguu is cool for simple sharing.
  5. Screen properties are a bit flakey.
  6. I'd like to share a printer with other Windows machines on my LAN, but I've still to crack getting CUPS to do this for me.


ragstorooks said...

I had similar issues with my microphone running on Ubuntu. I tried a bunch of different things to get it to work and when it finally did, I am unsure of which of my changes finally did the trick. Even now there is a fair amount of static while recording but at least I know the mic works!

Let me share my current settings, and let's see if just doing that much does the trick:

In Volume Control properties (double-clicking on the volume icon on the taskbar)

1. In Edit/Preferences, I have the following checked: Master, PCM, Microphone, Capture, Mix.
2. In the Recording tab, I have Capture at maximum.
3. In switches, I have checked the Microphone box.

If this does not work, try sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils start.

This might change the settings on your volume control, so go back and ensure your settings are ok.


Adrian Smith said...

Thanks, that's one issue resolved. Now I can use Skype.