Thursday, 1 January 2009

Day 10 - Epcot twice and New Years Eve fireworks

Yet another early start to get to Epcot for the 8am opening and a rush to get Fast-passes for Soarin'. We get a 9:15-10:15 time-slot which is pretty quick as it soon gets to be 5pm plus with a 3 hour wait for the main queue.
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Once we get on, after also going to "Living with the land" and "Circle of Life", it's pretty clear why the queues get so big so quickly. The ride has us flying over various sights of California including Yosemite and Lake Tahoe.

Once done, we leave for lunch at Ponderosa steak house, probably all that is wrong with American food! Then back to our pool for the afternoon in really lovely sunshine.

Early evening sees us heading back to Epcot as we luckily discover that the usual 9:30pm fireworks are re-sheduled to 7:30pm as it's New Years Eve, making them early enough for Robyn and Dylan. The whole place is packed out, but it's worth it as they're the best fireworks I've ever seen, and they do them every evening of the year!

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