Monday, 29 December 2008

Day 7 - back to Epcot

Time to get back to The Epcot Centre to try and finish off the bits we couldn't get to the first time around. The real highlight for me was Mission: Space, a simulated space flight to Mars. The simulator/ride was the best yet with loads of G forces, probably a bit too much for Dylan! I also really enjoyed the "Universe of Energy", presented/narrated by Ellen DeGeneres and also the huge aquarium tanks with sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles. A ride we missed again was "Soarin'", a hang gliding simulation that had a 160 minute queue and first fastpass ticket of about 9pm when we got to it.

We managed to finish up about our normal time allowing time to have a swim in the pool before tea.

Thinking about the 70-80 degrees temperature in winter, I wonder if I could swap the UKs climate, but of course give up our long summer evenings, I think it probably always gets dark by about 8pm at the latest here.

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