Saturday, 27 December 2008

Day 5 - Disney Magic Kingdom

Not too much of an early start today, and we were rewarded with probably the most crowded day so far. The entrance to the park starts with the usual $12 parking and "tram" ride, but then an extra step is either the mono-rail or ferry across the lake. We took the mono-rail and were rewarded with the sight of a 'gator swimming below us.

The Magic Kingdom is the most "Disney" of the Disney parks with Mickey, Minnie and Donald in great abundance. The park is also aimed at younger children although there are some rides for older ones such as Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain. We managed to get on Space Mountain, but left it too late to get sensibly timed Fast-passes for anything else of substance, so spent more time that usual wandering around and exploring the sights and scenes. We did manage to see some shows and also went on a Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We also held out the "parade" at 15:30 which was quite an experience, although personally one is probably enough.

We still managed to get back to the apartment for a twilight swim in the pool while it was still about 75 degrees!

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